Finding better ways to do business analysis by doing it, and helping others to do it, too.

Business analysis

Great business analysis helps people and organisations do great things. Business analysis solves problems, identifies options, analyses solutions, and all sorts of other helpful things.

And yet, explaining what business analysts do is surprisingly hard because the day-to-day depends on the context! That’s why our BA approach is simple, people-centric, and agile.

Analyse →

[A drawing of hands holding spring.]

Begin by understanding what is happening.

Connect →

[A drawing of hands shaking hands.]

Get everyone on the same page about what is next.


[A drawing of hands high-fiving.]

Get stuff done.

Jimmy thinks

We spend a lot of time thinking, talking, and writing about all things business analysis. And when inspiration strikes, we publish our musings. Jimmy Thinks are the result!

Jimmy methods

There’s an incredible amount of unhelpful nonsense on the Internet regarding business analysis tools and very little (practical) guidance on how to actually use them!

That’s dumb! So we created the Jimmy Methods!

Who is Jimmy?

We call ourselves Jimmy because it is a word that can be used to mean a tool (a crowbar), as well as the use of that tool to achieve some end goal (you know, to jimmy something open).

Business analysis is similar: it is both the tools and methods of the trade, as well as actually using them, that gets stuff done.

Also it makes us smile. We think that’s pretty important too.